Jun 29, 2014

the week after

Its been 4 days since graduating, and I still feel the same as I did when school was over haha. 

Thank you to all the wonderful people I have met at Seneca and the numerous amount of times we have shared together laughing about school and cramming in work like there's no tomorrow. I am truly grateful for having met each and everyone and being able to expand my knowledge over the course of 3 years. Who knew that from the start of 1st year, things would just fly by so quickly... I really didn't think it would. It has been so memorable and I'll never forget those long nights and early mornings. 

The 4 days so far have been filled with food, laughter and great friends.

Celebratory Burgers !!

Taste of Asia- Takoyaki

till next time!

Jun 23, 2014

summer outfits 2014

(time stamps ruin everything.. think of it as an "accidental" watermark)

Road Trip!

A very simple and comfy outfit for any event. I kept it rather neutral with the earth tones and paired it with a cardigan for those chilly summer nights. These shorts practically scream ROAD TRIP.. or safari adventure... haha. 

cardigan: Stitches
tank: F21
shorts: DIY
bag: Aldo

Smell the Summer Breeze

Wearing a dress in the summer is a great way to look put together and it only requires one garment. In this outfit I tied a cardigan around my waist not only to give it a layered look but it also emphasizes the smallest part of my waist.

cardigan: Urban Planet

Colour Me NEON

I'm not one to wear such bright colours so here's my toned down version of a Neon look. I kept it really simple but with bold pieces, mainly the shorts and the clutch. When you have an accessory that's multi-coloured, it's easier to pair items of clothing together. I also threw on a white cardigan so it doesn't pull away from the entire look.

cardigan: Le'Chateau
tank: F21
shorts: Urban Planet
bow: DIY
clutch: Clinique Milly Cosmetic Bag

But It's FREE.

This top use to be an XL shirt that I loved and wanted to give life to it. Here it is cut up and put to good use. This is more of an edgier look with the cut up top and the cut off shorts. You can always add a pop of colour with low tops [around the arm area] by wearing a cute printed bandeau/bralette or cropped tank.

tank: F21
top: souvenir from Montreal
shorts: DIY cut-offs [no idea where they're from]

You're Taking Me To the Amusement Park?!

This was more of my 'date' look. A girly outfit for those more dressed up events. Again, very simple in terms of a plain white tank and a printed skirt [skort]. I fell in love with this skort as soon as I saw it and immediately purchased it. And this bag just ties the whole look together; cute, vintage and girly.

tank: F21
skort: Pacific Mall
bag: Aliexpress

Well that's all for this post, if you had a favourite LOOK, I'd love for you to leave a comment below. Mine would probably be LOOK 5, although I had so much fun putting all of these together.

Quick last note, the cropped tank that I'm wearing above [LOOK's 1,3-5] are from Forever 21 and they're only $1.80. I kinda went crazy and bought 6 [grey, black, white, coral, white, blue and oatmeal]. 

Buy them while you can, they're a great summer staple.

Anyway this was so much fun typing up, hope you all enjoyed the post.

till next time, take care~

Jun 19, 2014


Wow I know I always say this but I haven't blogged since the end of April and now it's mid June... D: where has the time gone?

Anyway I'm back with a (small) new post and hopefully this will kick start me back into blogging. 

It's a summer outfits post!

This will just be a preview since I'm still working on the photos, but shouldn't be too long of a wait.

Enjoy and leave a comment!

Happy summer everyone.

till next next time~